How to Free Yourself from Overthinking

“If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you will die a lot of times.”

  • Dean Smith

Life is full of adventures, ups, downs, happiness and sadness. Sometimes we fall, sometimes we rise back up. But those who have a habit of overthinking barely run smoothly in life. Every passing day is a struggle for them and they fail to find happiness in their lives. Most people in this world are unhappy because they think a lot.

Thinking is not a bad habit but excess of anything can lead to miserable results. Similarly, overthinking can also land you in hot water and make you wonder why you even exist. People, who think too much about life, barely get out alive from their thoughts.

They keep themselves strangled in an imaginary world of problems which does not let them live their beautiful life. If you are also struggling with the habit of overthinking, don’t leave this blog in the middle, as we will be discussing some important points which can help you in freeing yourself from this bad habit.

Students are usually found on the victim list when we talk about overthinking because they have a lot of stress and questions in life. The academic pressure does not let them live their life to the fullest and keep them busy with unnecessary thoughts. Thoughts such as: “What if I failed this test?” ”What if I don’t make it to class?” Their minds are disturbed most of the time and they never get to live the perfect student life.

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When people start thinking a lot about things that might not even happen, their judgments get cloudy and their stress levels get elevated. They are too worried about various things and their mind is too occupied that they fail to live in the moment. However, life happens, some days are good, some days aren’t., But sadly, people who are used to excessive thinking fail to understand that overthinking takes away their mental peace.

A person who overthinks can never live a peaceful life because his mind is never at peace. It keeps asking questions about different things in life. Therefore, you must keep negative thoughts at bay and here are some ideas that can help you out:

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

When you are aware of something, you are mentally prepared for it. Before treating overthinking, accept that you do it very often and you will stop doing it. Motivate yourself and try to analyse when it begins. At some moments in the day, when you feel stressed, anxious, or you start doubting about simple things out of nowhere, that’s the point when you are triggered. Try to stop right there and look at the situation calmly. It is not a matter of life and death so, if you even fail at it, there is no big loss in it. It’s not worthier than your mental peace.

Being aware of the situation at that moment is the key that can unlock the door of change. You don’t have to panic about it or beat around the bush. Let it be. Know that this moment is not a good time to waste your mental energy and move on with making one decision. Whatever suits or slips out of your tongue is the right decision at that moment for you. Go with the flow, or you will end up messing your mind and the situation.

Focus on the Right and Ignore the Wrong

Fear is the reason behind most of the cases in which people overthink. They are afraid of losing or gaining something in their future or past. When people focus on the negative side of the situation, they easily get paralysed and find themselves stuck in a sea of thoughts. It distracts them from the moment and takes them into the puzzling world of wonders.

Therefore, it is better to focus on the right things that might happen at that moment and ignore the wrong ones. Whenever you feel like you are thinking a lot about a situation, try to highlight and brainstorm the silver linings of that particular time. We know life is not a fairy tale and sometimes you have to think a lot before taking a decision or carrying out a task, but when it starts disturbing your mental peace, you should realise that things are going south and you need to do something to put a pause to that negative thought.

When you will think positively and focus on the right things, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and it boosts your mental peace. People who usually overthink must know that it is sort of a disease that can be treated by the light of optimism. Be satisfied with the situations you are in and try not to think anything negative that could have happened and it will plant a seed of gratitude in your heart, leading to the blockage of overthinking.

Keep Yourself Occupied with Things that Make You Happy

It helps a lot to think about things that you love and events that make you happy. Try to keep a hobby in life. When you treat yourself with happy moments, it provides you with mental peace and switches your overthinking button off. If you are too occupied with things that make you happy, there will be no space in your mind for leisure thoughts that can destroy your peace.

So try to engage yourself in things like mediation, dancing, exercise, learning an instrument, knitting, drawing, and painting or whatever you like to do and we hope it will keep the overthinking at bay.

These were a few ideas that can help you stop overthinking and start living a peaceful life.