How to Write a Good Essay – Step by Step Guide

An essay is a writing piece that builds an argument or idea using evidence, interpretation and analysis. It seems easy to write an essay but requires a lot of effort, where you need to be well-equipped with the crucial steps of writing to handle any topic of an essay. Thus, essay writing is a quite daunting task, particularly when you lack good writing skills.

When you aim to write an essay, there need to be many working parts, such as thesis statement, grammar and punctuation, writing structure, formatting and more. Writing an essay is a tedious task that needs many factors to consider as there are different types of essays. The primary ones are:

  • Argumentative Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Expository Essay

Therefore, here are a few steps for writing an essay to help you write different types of essays with an effective technique.

How to Write an Essay Plan?

When writing the perfect assignment or essay needs planning. The planning stage helps you arrange your ideas logically and stay on track while writing your essay.

Here are the methods to plan your essay.

·         Choose an Engaging Essay Topic

Choosing an engaging topic is the most challenging task, so when picking up your topic, remember what interests you the most, as it is easy to write about things of your interest.

The next thing you will have to do is analyze your selected to determine whether your topic is broad or narrow. A narrow topic offers the topic’s specific information with a clue of how and what to write. Whereas the broader topic doesn’t provide a specific topic, it sometimes becomes unclear due to a wide array, even for professional essay writers. So, try to choose a narrow topic.

Ensure that you get enough sources from which you can retrieve the information about your essay. Even when your essay topic is narrow, and there is no material for this, it will get impossible to write about it.

·         How to Write an Essay Outline?

After an essay plan, it is significant to make an essay outline. It helps in organizing your thoughts, understanding your flow of information and structure your essay accordingly. In addition, an outline makes it easier for you to write your essay.

At times, the question comes to mind that how long your outline should be, right? Well, it relies on the type of essay you’re writing. For example, you might be writing the best British essays of simple five paragraphs. Thus your outline can be of few lines as long as you add the supporting points, main idea, and rough conclusion.

Writing an outline is not a process that needs to be done at a specific time. Instead, it all depends on how familiar you are with the topic, how much research is required and if you know what you want to write about. Thus, you may be able to plan a quick outline instantly after you’ve been assigned an essay question, or you need to do some research to compose the thesis statement of your essay.

The  good thing about outlining is that it can help you determine if you need to do more in-depth research to learn more about the topic. For example, suppose you’re struggling to draft an outline with evidence, supporting points, and explanation. In that case, you need to do more reading and in-depth research to support your thesis or study more about the topic to make an opinion. Moreover, you can also take assistance from the best essay writers online from our platform.

·         Create a Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement must inform the reader what question you’re going to pitch or what point you will be making about the topic. In simple words, it is a run-up to your conclusion. Therefore, a thesis statement needs to be specific and address the one main idea of your essay. Strong theses also take a stand or demonstrate the provocative nature of a topic.

How to Structure an Essay?

Essays are often written in flowing and continuous, paragraphed text and doesn’t use section headings. This is not the correct way; initially, the essay seems unstructured as good essays are structured carefully.

The essay itself has no section headings, so you must write your essay in a way that looks structure. The structure of an essay includes:

  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion

Not every student is efficient in writing; therefore, the question is how to write and manage the points. So, let’s look into the details!

1.      How to Write an Essay Introduction?

When writing an essay, each sentence and paragraph is significant. However, there is always something extra you need to know to engage readers. Just like you want your first day at college to be excellent, similarly, you want the introduction to be right, almost perfect as you want to create a great first impression.

You should keep in mind that your essay grading starts from the introduction; your professor might not sort your essay in terms of grades, however, definitely in terms of interesting, engaging, or effectiveness. So, be mindful of composing an introduction that sets out the aims of your essay and turn it into a creative writing piece.

Consider your introduction as a thumbnail picture of the entire essay. Therefore, you must restrict your introduction to information required for the topic and comprises contextual and background information that enables the reader to comprehend your essay or sets the vision for your selected crucial points.

2.      Main Body of an Essay

The body is the second part of your essay. It is the longest and crucial part of every essay. In general, even a short essay will have the main body of at least three full paragraphs; thus, a long one would considerably have more.

Every paragraph is a point you make, relates to your main topic. Then, in the main body, you explain the reason, finding an argument about your topic, where each aspect should have a separate paragraph, and that paragraph elaborates on each claim.

The sentences in every paragraph of your essay would go on to expand and back up your arguments in greater detail and with appropriate examples. The paragraph must not contain any sentences that are not directly related to your essay argument. Consequently, you are writing an essay that evidently separates its ideas into structured segments.

3.      How to Structure an Essay Conclusion?

This is the last part of every essay that summarizes your essay’s key points and arguments to draw the final decision of the issues you have been discussing earlier. One of the essay writing tips that can only be functional in the conclusion part is keeping in mind that you can’t add any new information in your conclusion. Instead, it is a reminder that indicates what your essay has already covered.

How to Choose a Good Title for an Essay?

An essay title has great importance in the writing process; it can make or break an essay. Consequently, what can be the most striking idea that your reader wants to start reading your essay? Of course, it’s just a ‘Good Title.’ The title you choose for your essay needs to intrigue your teacher or reader and make them read your piece of writing and find out how you develop an argument.

Writing a title encourages people to read your essay because they are inquisitive and want to know more. It also enables you to get a fertile ground to show your wisdom, knowledge, and writing skills simultaneously.

Remember, before writing a title, it’s is always valued to know about qualities that each heading must have. When you’re aware of the entire characteristics of a good title, you can make wise decisions, choose the best essay title effectively, and complete every part of your essay writing successfully.

You may be wondering that what the significant qualities of your title are. Here are some:

  • It needs to be eye-catchy
  • Easy to read
  • Don’t make it a long heading; keep it brief
  • Make sure to keep it active voice instead of passive voice
  • Shows the clear idea to the reader what they’re about to read

Additionally, try to write your essay title at the end of the entire process. It may seem logical to you to write it initially; however, doing so can be beneficial. Even British Essays Help experts never start with a title. You may have working headings in mind from the initial that allows you to focus, create an argument and more. Therefore, writing your paper first can provide a clear idea of what to write in your title.

Write Your Essay Following This Guide!

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Example of a good essay

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