Tips for Students Aiming For Chevening Scholarship Program

Students who have plans to study abroad for their Masters, especially in the UK, are usually aware of the Chevening scholarship program. It is a highly prestigious international scholarship, for which thousands of international students compete every year.

In 2018-2019, more than 68,000 students applied for this scholarship from 168 countries, but only 1,800 of them could make it. There are many perks of availing the Chevening scholarship, which includes academic and professional growth, extensive networking opportunities, the UK’s cultural experience, and lasting positive relationships with the UK. The cherry on top is, selected applicants are able to join the exclusive alumni network after completion of their tenure.

Talking about the selection process, it takes roughly a year which includes application, interview, conditional offer, final award and pre-departure briefing stages. We won’t make it sound like a piece of cake here because the process demands exceptional mental and emotional strength. However, nothing big comes easy, so don’t let that deter you from applying. It’s a life-changing opportunity, and you must not miss out. However, you can hire assignment writers if your pending academic tasks are stopping you from applying for the scholarship.

Now, if you have made your mind to apply for this very fruitful yet competitive scholarship, here are some tips we have gathered after compiling the opinions of Chevening alumnae.

It’s More Than Just You

Chevening is not about individuals. You are selected from thousands like you, which mean you are representing them. This scholarship is bigger than that. The idea behind Chevening is to serve societies and nations. They want you to go back home and apply the knowledge you gained in the UK; hence, you are not allowed to stay in the UK after completing the program. Moreover, you must work for at least two years in your hometown.

Carefully Examine The Eligibility Criteria

Most of the students are in a hurry while applying for this scholarship. They overlook this obvious requirement, but you must not do that. Two years of work experience and an undergraduate degree is required. The degree must be equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honours degree in the UK.

Some universities may also charge you with non-refundable application fees. Please check the admission criteria and read the instructions and requirements thoroughly while browsing courses and universities.

Keep an Eye On The Timeline

Follow their page on social media (@CheveningFCDO), so you don’t miss any update as they upload important information over there. The Foreign Commonwealth Office releases a timeline for the selection process every year, which might have minor changes. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on the updates. Physical appearance is necessary at certain stages like in the interview and pre-departure etc. So, it’s better to keep travel plans in check.

Research, research and research!

Research is necessary because you have to choose three courses and they must be in your best interest. Once chosen, you will not be able to reselect them. It is up to you if you choose to apply to three similar courses at different universities or three different courses at one university. Any recognized UK University and the course is fine, provided it is a one-year taught postgraduate course which leads to a Master’s degree.

Be Confident and Clear While Writing Your Essay

This is the most important part of your application. The essay you are required to write holds 50% chances of you getting selected or rejected. Brainstorm and put the important points together, be clear on why you are choosing that specific course. Believe in yourself and what you write. You should know why you are selecting that course in the paper. If you are unable to do so, how would you convince the selection panel?

If you want to write a stand out essay, make sure to explore other potential angles of the topic and ignore the obvious ones. For example, while writing the leadership section of the essay, you should not be talking about your leadership skills and how you benefited from them. Instead, you should highlight how good leadership can inspire and contribute to human capital development.

However, you can add your experience too, but make sure to keep it precise. Keep an eye on the word count and complete your essay within the provided limit.

Never Try to Copy or Cheat

Don’t ever try to cheat. If you take the help of an expert for your essay, you might be able to impress the panel at a time. But during the interview, they will be talking about the points you have made in the essay, and you will be caught red-handed there. Beware of using repetitive answers as well. They will try to trap you with questions that have similar answers, but you should provide them with accurate and different ones.

The folks at Chevening want to know you in person. Your qualifications and career plans are other things, but your personal statement should describe your personality.

Get Ready To Elaborate

You are free to make changes and choose a different course from your current career path, as Chevening is not going to stop you from that. However, you will have to provide better reasons and elaborate to them why you are willing to switch. Provide them with benefits you will get in future from the academic field you are choosing now and how you are planning to cope with the forthcoming challenges.

Talk about your academic background and mention the relevant experiences that led you to take the decision. They might praise your courage of changing the career path if the reasons provided are mature enough.

These were some of the tips we have compiled from the alumnae who have been on the Chevening Scholarship. We know the race is tough, but it’s better to try and fail than to regret not even giving it a shot. So, make sure to apply this year or whichever year you are getting their requirements completed.

Best of luck!